Entry #1

Im a cartoonist

2009-11-20 21:30:31 by JGBM

Hello everybody I am a cartoonists looking to expand my talent, any requests that inspire my imagination will be accepted, though no specific date will be given for its completion. Go nuts, but do remember i do not draw pornographic pictures.


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2009-11-28 12:55:36

oh hey you arts are pretty good but i thinks its better when you put the most of them as (M) not (E) ^^


2010-08-24 10:22:01



2010-08-28 13:18:47

I think your art is amazing. I wish I was as good as you lol.


2010-08-28 14:19:29

try invader zim and gir fighting


2010-08-28 16:05:21

Draw Daphne Blake from scooby doo. Or Velma.


2010-08-31 19:40:49

Draw FREAKAZOID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super-teen extraordinaire
Freakazoid! Freakazoid!
Runs around in underwear
Freakazoid! Freakazoid!

Rescues Washington D.C.
Freakazoid! Freakazoid!
Unless something better's on TV
Freakazoid! Freakazoid!

His brain's overloading
It has a chocolate coating
Textbook case for Sigmund Freud
Freakazoid! Freakazoid!


2010-09-09 00:48:08

no porn, eh?

Well softcore is all the same to most of these fags on NG.


2010-10-17 00:12:39



2010-12-09 22:06:07

well put on the late halloween pic. i like that one. its my only favorite. dude ur work is quite good. not perverted compared to any of shadling or the real shadman or voodoodallmaster drawings. urs is very good and i am looking to put a political cartoon on here not colored so i was wonderin if u could take a look at it and give me some constructive critisism?vpm me if yes or no. thanks.

JGBM responds:



2011-04-15 03:38:01

Just letting you know that you are a fucking terrible artist, I don't even think you qualify as a cartoonist and you only get heaps of views and high scores because there are so many losers on NG.

JGBM responds:

That means a LOT coming from someone with a VERY artistic background and from one of the many losers on NG. This is a hobby of mine, not a profession. If you don't like just tune it out. Trolling isn't a sport of mine so have a nice day.