Yes we are open!

2011-09-20 09:36:59 by JGBM

I am open for suggestions and requests kiddies. The rules are simple, but selfish. I will take requests in the form of private messages, if that request is deemed worthy it shall be produced. I will only reply saying that the request or suggestion will be produced, though I will not offer a completion date, due to the fact that this is just a hobby of mine. Please refrain from sexual content, because as you all know that is not allowed here. For more adult requests you can find me elsewhere. I take no commissions, I do this for fun after all and I feel that hobbies require some sort of investment in order to become valid. and remember, this is a hobby, not a job, I'll finish it when I have time or feel like it.

Is it possible?

2011-09-18 20:46:55 by JGBM

Yes I am finally back! My computer finally works and I am able to return to my drawing status. Remember that I do take requests, but only those who stimulate my imagination. Do keep in mind, THIS IS A HOBBY, meaning I take time to draw whenever life is not in the way.

Im a cartoonist

2009-11-20 21:30:31 by JGBM

Hello everybody I am a cartoonists looking to expand my talent, any requests that inspire my imagination will be accepted, though no specific date will be given for its completion. Go nuts, but do remember i do not draw pornographic pictures.